Hi, my name is Matěj and this site is my technical blog. I’m a passionate software developer, open-source enthusiast, tinkerer, learner.

I have contributed to the Linux kernel, to Gentoo Linux, and a bit here & there. I was a core developer and release manager of the Amarok music player (Qt/C++ desktop app), completing two Google Summer of Code programmes for it.

During computer science studies at FNSPE CTU I created PyBayes, a Python library for Bayesian statistics, and later Ceygen, a Python (Cython) <-> Eigen (C++) bridge for overhead-free linear algebra with small vectors.1

On the commercial side, I have worked on:

  • developing and later leading the development of a C++ video streaming backend at nangu.TV,
  • developing and later leading the development of a distributed Python satellite imagery analysis system at SpaceKnow,
  • software architecture and development culture of a Kotlin cultural & ticketing platform backend at GoOut.

Since 2018, I have been intrigued by Rust. Ping me if you want to build something Rusty together!

The site is based on Reverie Jekyll template and is generated from its public GitHub repository.

All content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 unless noted otherwise.

  1. Rust didn’t yet have its 1.0 release and Py03 didn’t exist at the time.