Benchmarking vol. 2: Pitting Actix against Rocket v0.4 and v0.5-dev

illustration I present a Rust-specific sequel to my previous benchmark of 2 Kotlin and a Rust microservice — it’s hard to resist one’s own curiosity and popular demand, especially when you’ve been nerd-sniped. Let’s stress-test the two prominent web frameworks: Actix Web and Rocket. In addition to stable “threads & blocking calls” Rocket v0.4, I have included a development snapshot of in-the-works Rocket v0.5, which is async and no longer requires nightly Rust.Read more

What I Learnt from Benchmarking Http4k, Ktor (Kotlin) and Actix v2, v3 (Rust) Microservices

illustration Back in spring 2020 at GoOut, we were looking to replace our Spring-Tomcat duo by a more lightweight framework to power our future Kotlin microservices. We did some detailed (at times philosophical) theoretical comparisons that I much enjoyed, but these cannot substitute a hands-on experience. We decided to implement proof-of-concept microservices using the most viable frameworks, stressing them in a benchmark along the way. While Kotlin was the main language, I saw this as an opportunity to have some fun at home and test (my proficiency with) Rust, which is touted for being fast. I ended up stress-testing Kotlin’s Http4k, Ktor, and Rust’s Actix Web, read on to see how they fared.Read more