Want better Last.fm <-> Amarok sync? Let's tell them!

Matěj Laitl · October 11, 2013 · 0 min read

Heya folk,
I need your help. Amarok has been able to sync personal metadata like play count, rating, labels with your library on Last.fm since version 2.7. Unfortunately one of the most valuable piece of information, last played time (and also first played time) still cannot be synced due to minor omission in Last.fm Web Service API.

Yesterday I've seen third user requesting this feature. That was enough for me. Let them hear our needs! Please vote on the API suggestion I've submitted to provide last played time. No registration needed, just pick your nick. You can also vote on an existing suggestion to also provide first played time.

If there is enough of us, the chances are high that Last.fm will implement these suggestions and I'll be able to make statistics synchronization with Last.fm even more useful in Amarok 2.9.