Amarok 2.6 Released! Enjoy great iPod support & fixes all over the place

Finally, after endless weeks of waiting, the beast in the form of Amarok 2.6.0 has been released to the wild!
This release is a bit special to me because it is the first one to include a significant contribution from me - most notably the totally rewritten iPod support. I must say thank here to everyone who tested it in the beta phase; your bug reports helped to polish it to otherwise unachievable level for the final release.

Amarok StatSyncing GSoC: weeks 8 and 9

Yes, I'm still working on my GSoC project about statistics synchronization in Amarok. I've somehow skipped the last report (I was too deeply immersed in coding), to this one will be a bit more beefy. In short, I've fixed some bugs of the EngineController (the thing actually responsible for playback) that negatively affected scrobbling first and then I've rewrote the class that actually scrobbles the tracks.