Amarok MTP GSoC: week 1

Matěj Laitl · June 24, 2013 · 0 min read

Hi, this is my first weekly report describing my work on my Google Summer of Code project to rewrite MTP (Android) support in Amarok from scratch. This week I've laid the very basic building blocks and I even have some screen-shots. :-)

Entries for the newly (re)written MTP collections show up at appropriate places

What I've done this week:
  • Got rid of the old MTP collection implementation and cleaned up some stuff that is no longer needed
  • Started new MTP implementation by coding MtpCollectionFactory, which is responsible for creating collections for devices as they are plugged in and destroying collections for removed devices. This works fine now and the class is 95% done now.
  • Created stub MtpCollection class so that we can show something in the Collection Browser.
  • Created .desktop file for Solid so that an action to open MTP devices with Amarok shows up in Plasma Device Notifier, see below.
    Device Notifier showing Amarok action

Problems I've faced:
  • None yet, they are expected later. :-)
What's next:
  • Great deal of work on MtpCollection regarding track and other metadata parsing, libmtp interaction, threading, locking...
You can view and test my code by checking out gsoc branch of my personal Amarok clone repository.