Accepted to (Amarok) GSoC, yay!

Matěj Laitl · May 1, 2012 · 0 min read

Hi, I'm Matěj Laitl and this summer I've been accepted to GSoC for Amarok to work on statistics synchronization between various collections and scrobbling services such as

First, let me thank Google for sponsoring such a wonderful programme that lets me code on open-source during summer - instead of having to take boring jobs involving proprietary software. Now, about my GSoC project.

"Statistics synchronization, sounds boring" you say? Maybe, but I'll polish it to perfection and the second part of the project, two-way synchronization with, is as far as I know unparallelled among audio players. My personal goal is to make the UI as intuitive as possible, not getting in the way. My mentor is Myriam, Amarok's famous bug wrangler, user supporter and community worker so I'm pretty confident it will go smoothly.

For start I plan to come up with a couple of use-case scenarios and further iron-out the overall design (is it just me or do others get the best ideas while in shower?) during community binding period. (since I'm already quite bound to the community) :-)

What are your expectations for Amarok statistics synchronization?